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We are delighted to offer a very limited production of our own English Organic Cowhide Rugs, the cows are from our own organic farm so we can guarantee the welfare and quality of our animals. The skins are tanned here in Somerset and we believe that we are the only people in the world who can offer British tanned organic cow hide rugs.
Colours are very limited (as are stocks) normally our own beautiful golden rugs from our Organic Jerseys along with plain blacks and a few very special mottled rugs from our Jersey cross Belgium Blue cattle, for more information please email us at and we will send images etc. All of our British rugs are priced at an incredibly reasonable £699, which we think is amazing value for such a unique and ethical rug.

Please be aware that the few other companies out there who offer organic or English rugs are not offering the same rugs as us.
There’s are either from South America and claim to be organic OR the rugs are sent to Italy, China or who knows were for tanning, ask them about their traceability, how the rugs are tanned, and what happens to the effluent and waste and see what they can tell you, we can tell you the animal your rug came from, we can even show you its passport number, (yes every one of our cows has a unique passport) and we can tell you our unique herd number and organic registration number… Can or will anyone else give you all of this information and reassurance?

If you do want a rug but can’t wait, or are on a budget why not have a look at our standard Cowhide Rug here.

All of our hides are carefully hand selected,(with my hands I may add) before being Chrome tanned, and it’s this process which gives them an amazing lustre and shine but for added perfection and because we have these rugs tanned in Somerset we also add extra fat liquor (nicer than it sounds) which makes them incredibly soft and supple.

Because of this chrome tanning, everyday care and cleaning is very simple. Dirt and grime can simply be brushed away, and liquids which may ordinarily cause staining can simply be mopped up and then cleaned with a damp cloth or even warm soapy water.

We as you might expect have rugs all over our house, and two young children a couple of Labradors, endless pairs of dirty wellies and the general chaos that is a farm house have tried their worst and still our rugs look as beautiful as the day we put them down.


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