The English Cowhide Company are proud to support British manufacturing, we only offer products designed and manufactured here in England.

So who are we, well that’s a good question and one we ask ourselves a lot…!

Well we are currently the largest online retailer of the fabulous Owen Barry handbag collection. We have chosen this range because we feel that they offer not only the finest quality but also exceptional value for money, and styles to die for.

Alongside the world renowned Owen Barry range we also offer our own styles made exclusively for us here in Somerset.

We are also environmentalist, we believe in a sustainable future for our children, we believe that it’s time for an end to the mass market sweat shop products available on so many high streets.

If you hadn’t guessed by now we are big fans of British manufacturing, it just makes sense, it supports British Jobs, and thereby the British economy and it allows us full traceability. We know who made our products and how, there is no expose here of child labor or dollar a day working conditions, it’s just not our thing.

In fact we are so confident in our quality that we offer a lifetime guarantee on our bags, if they break through normal use then we will repair them for you, it’s that simple.
We use only natural recycled or recyclable materials that have a low carbon footprint, and all of our skins come from by-products of the food industry.

We don’t ship our products half way around the world, oh no, we take a British or European piece of skin, cut it with the utmost care and attention, stitch it with love and dedication and deliver the finest quality craftsmanship direct to your door and because it’s all done here we can keep our prices low so you’re not only getting the finest quality that money can buy, your also not having to spend much of it…!

Now we call that a win win situation.